25m 415v 3 phase 5 pole 32a extension lead (6mm cable) IP67 Rated

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25 metre 415volt 32amp 3 phase+neutral+earth extension lead constructed with (6mm 5core cable) and 32amp 5 pole water proof New Macey plug and connectors (6 hour earth pin) Waterproof with a IP67 Rating for Plug and Socket.

Technical details

15.45KG = calculated weight.

5.48volts = calculated volt drop pulling a current off 30amps per phase

2.74volts = calculated volt drop pulling a current off 15amps per phase

0.08Ω= calculated cable core resistance

Please ensure this product is suitable for your application as it is constructed to your selected specification at current prices and cannot be returned if unsuitable. For any further information please refer to TABS at the top or please get in touch.

Contact us for Custom Sizes available on Request. New Macey is Manufacturing to your Requirements.